Maximize the potential of your Partner Network

Business development, expansion, communication, sales and marketing support. All in one Microsoft Power Platform based solution.


PowerPRM is a fully customizable business platform designed for seamless integration with your partners and sales points. Each module offers support for a distinct aspect of network or franchise management, ranging from assessing the potential of new outlets to boosting sales performance and employee engagement of existing partners.

Full business support

Match the modules to your business, its model and stage of development. Boost service quality and profit. Investigate potential, keep an eye on standards, enable interactions with Partners and transparent operations.

PowerPRM is a modular solution available in ready-made packages tailored to business needs. The adopted logical architecture and the Power Platform allows integration with other Microsoft business solutions efficiently and minimizes implementation time.

Partner's journey

New Partner acquisition and onboarding

Goals and KPI setting and definition

Partner Data management with 360-degree view

Communication and cooperation via Portal

Partner issues
and requests handling

Data analysis, reports and BI visualisation

Co-Selling support and MDF management

Document and knowledge base sharing

Planning training, visits & site audits

Goals setting and sales results tracking

Increase engagement with surveys and gamifications

Identify and manage partners' growth potential


The end-customer satisfaction increase through effective cooperation with Partners.
Fast and consistent communication between Partners, their employees and the organization.

Automatic generation and
task assignment inside and
outside the organization.

Monitoring, supervision and mentoring of Partners’ activities in line with the organization’s strategy.

All essential information about Partners, partner applications and documents in one place.

Reduced time-to-market for strategic changes in partner networks.

and ecosystem

Business needs come first, followed by constantly improving technology. We mapped the areas and processes of Partner Network Management and designed a precise, customized environment that supports the business every step of the way. The PowerPRM solution is built on Microsoft PowerPlatform* technology, which allows it to be integrated flexibly as a complementary business application with the entire ecosystem of Microsoft cloud solutions and tools.

Partner Relationship

PowerPRM Back-Office App

Organization Perspective

Back-office core for managing Partners, supporting and monitoring their activities in a structured way. A secure container and tool for sharing documents as well as sales and training content. A solution built as a Model Driven App on the Microsoft Power Platform for flexible customization and self-development (low-code / nocode).

PowerPRM Self-Service Portal

Partner Perspective

Dedicated web portal as a hub for instant communication with Partners. Increases Partners’ daily work efficiency and engages them to achieve their business goals collectively. The portal will recommend activities and point out available resources, enabling higher performance
* Microsoft Power Platform: The low-code platform that spans Office 365, Azure, Dynamics 365, and standalone applications


It all started with Netwise, a business and technology boutique, the most successful Microsoft Business Applications partner in Central & Eastern Europe. After 170 successful projects and implementations of enterprise CRM and PRM solutions, Netwise launched a brand new spin-off company aiming to commercialize PRM solutions.

Our team consists of professionals with complementary skill sets. By leveraging these skills and our unwavering dedication to this project, we’ve developed a superior partner relationship management platform. This cutting-edge system empowers you to gain a competitive edge over others in your industry.

Wojciech Zarębski



We are a group of IT experts with experience in several hundred projects on a national and international scale. We are successful because we focus not only on technology but also on business and its needs. We advise and recommend with full transparency what is best and what is not for our clients.
Our core team consists of the specialists in CRM and PRM solutions, certified consultants and developers proficient in Microsoft technologies, UI/UX designers focused on user experience, and also business architects who have been digitizing customer and market need to create modern solutions.
The core of the team creates specialists in CRM and PRM solutions, certified consultants and developers proficient in Microsoft technologies, UI/UX designers focused on user experience, and also business architects who have been digitizing customer and market need to create modern solutions.

It’s time to evolve the Partner Relationship Management concept into a more adaptable version. Designed as a modular system, it caters to the unique requirements of networks and franchises, featuring a rapid one-month implementation period. This ensures that it can bolster your business at the speed you demand.

Jakub Skałbania

CGO Netwise


The goal of PowerPRM is to support back-office activities in communication, management and development of the sales network. Our solution is addressed to every company that manages a network of partners or another distributed sales network. PowerPRM can use as a solution for managing the dealer network, franchise, agency and supplier relationship management. It works great in banking, catering, retail, pharmacy, automotive and production.
PowerPRM will provide a comprehensive solution and ensure high quality customer service, business processes and network sales in the field of:
  • Partner / POS 360o View
  • Executing Visits / Audits
  • Interactions / Communication
  • Potential management
  • KPIs
  • Surveys
  • Gamification / Sales contests
  • Knowledge base and management
  • Request handling / Case management
  • Reporting
  • Portal for POS employees
  • Integration with other systems

The implementation process of PowerPRM is crucial for maximizing the benefits derived from its deployment. Companies choosing to adopt PowerPRM must understand that their commitment extends beyond simply signing the contract. To ensure a swift and effective implementation, both parties must actively engage in the project at every phase of its execution. With efficient operation of both sides, the implementation can be completed within 30 business days.

How is the PowerPRM platform delivery process going?

  1. Gathering customer needs – functional and non-functional requirements
  2. Identifying technological opportunities – the client’s IT ecosystem
  3. Preparation of a solution proposal (module package, licenses, infrastructure)
  4. Configuration and launch on Customer infrastructure
  5. Conducting user training
  6. Support and post-implementation consultations

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